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Compassionate Being is Cage & Debi....And YOU!

Compassionate Being is emerging as a spirtual connection between 

Cage, Debi, the universe, and all who seek an alternative,

yet proven, approach to THEIR Compassionate Connection to the world.

We look forward to acquainting you with our unique services, talents, and gifts,

 and becoming a positive component of your spiritual, emotional, and daily journey.

Like life itself, this site will be an evolving, continual work in progress,

 so feel free to check in for updates, testimonials and positive reminders of 

how unique, and special YOU are.

Please take the time to learn a little bit about US, 

and our services, and let us know how we can help you grow today.

Laughter Yoga

Cuddle Sessions

Intuitive Readings

Empathic Listening Sessions


Cage O'Hanlon.  Trained cuddlist. Certified Laughter yoga Instructor

Cage has been practicing Compassion and Kindness as his main life mantras for many years as an entertainer, oncology medical assistant, Certified Healthcare Clown Caregiver, practicing Buddhist, Ordained Dudeist Minister, and human being.

As a Trained Laughter Yoga leader, and a Trained Cuddlist professional, Cage has attempted to bring that compassion to Corporate and Private events throughout the Bay area.

Laughter Yoga is an amazing experience that combines breathing, laughter and meditation for a moment of clarity and exhilaration.

Cuddling Sessions are transcendental one on one sessions designed to bring connection and self growth, Laughter and Human touch are healing arts, and even more in need in our world today

Cage looks forward to bringing laughter, compassion and kindness to your world. 



Debi has had connections to this world, and beyond, through her professional, personal and spiritual uniqueness that has led her to a place of sharing those gifts even more with all around her.

She is excited to bring those varied and distinctive healing gifts to those open to receiving them.

As a Holistic Intuitive Empath, and a Multi-Certified Fitness  Trainer, Debi has guided many people, of all ages, on eye-opening Mind/Body/Spirit journeys. 

She is a also a Certified Reiki Healer.

Debi's intuitive readings are individually specific, relevant to each client, and can be done face to face or over the telephone.

 Debi's deep listening abilities truly give you a space to be heard.

Debi's spiritual connection to a universal energy is manifested in every aspect of her daily communion with the world around us, seen and unseen.

Debi looks forward to adding her healing, compassionate. peace centered energies to your world


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